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New Book ARC


New Book ARC.

Title: Tommy Couldn’t Sleep Rhyme – Book Arc.

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Lived a kangaroo named Tommy, who loved to play.

From dawn till dusk, he would hop and bounce,
But when bedtime came, he would pout and announce,

“I don’t want to sleep mum, I want to have fun, I want to jump high and race in the sun!”

But Mama Kangaroo, with a loving smile,
Said, “Tommy, my dear, it’s time to rest for a while.”

She pulled him close and began to say, “Let me tell you a story, to end your day.

In a magical forest, where the moon shines bright, Lived a kangaroo like you, named Delight.”

Delight loved adventures, just like you do,
But she knew the importance of sleep, it’s true.

Each night, she’d tuck herself in her cozy bed, And dream of the things that she loved the best.

She dreamt of hopping through fields of green, Of chasing butterflies around the trees.

She dreamt of playing with her kangaroo friends, Of laughter and joy that seemed to have no end.

But most of all, Delight dreamt of the stars, Their twinkling beauty, seen from afar.

She knew that to see them, she needed her sleep, For dreams were a treasure, she wanted to keep.

Tommy listened intently, his eyes growing wide, As Mama Kangaroo continued with pride.

“Remember, my dear, dreams are your guide, They fill your heart with joy, far and wide.”

With a yawn and a sigh, Tommy understood, The importance of sleep, for it did him good.

He hopped in his pouch and snuggled up tight, Ready to dream of adventures all through the night.

So, the moon shone down on Tommy’s sweet face, As he drifted off to a dreamy place.

Through the night, he hopped and played,
In kangaroo dreamland, where kangaroos stayed.

He hopped over rainbows and danced with the stars, Explored magical forests and flew to Mars.

He met friendly animals, big and small, And had grand adventures, having a ball.

He swam with dolphins and climbed tall trees, Laughed with monkeys and buzzed with honey bees.

He discovered treasures buried deep in the sand, And he flew with birds, over a magical land.

When morning arrived, the sun painted the sky, Tommy woke up, feeling joyous and spry.

He thanked Mama Kangaroo for her wise words,
For teaching him the importance of sleep like the chirping birds.

From that day forward, Tommy knew,
That bedtime was special, and dreams would come true.

So, he’d jump and play with all his might,
But when bedtime came, he’d say, “Goodnight!”

And so, my dear child, it’s time to rest your head, To snuggle up warmly in your cozy bed.

Remember Tommy’s story, and close your eyes tight, For dreams are awaiting you, in the starry night.

For dreams are the magic that make us feel, They hold our wishes, and help us heal.

So dream big, my dear, let your imagination soar, For in dreamland, adventures await, forevermore.

The end.



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